Velocity Development

Welcome to our Velocity Development page. In this section, you will find a 90 day, 5 day per week training schedule designed to increase your strength, endurance, and velocity. If you follow the schedule and continue to perfect your mechanics, I guarantee you will see an increase in your velocity. As you do your mechanics, I recommend performing your reps in front of a mirror or video taping if you can. That will allow you to really see yourself. If possible, see if you can find a way to measure your velocity at the beginning and each month after and send that information to us. This 90 day program includes lifting, conditioning, core work, long toss, and top velocity increasing drills. 


Keep in mind that results may vary depending upon where you are in your overall development. You also need to be realistic. Gaining 10mph in a few months is not possible, no matter what you've seen or heard. There are two determining factors which is the secret to increasing velocity; the first is a developmental plan that you stick to consistently and the second is time.

The Program

The videos below explain the purpose of several items included in the velocity program. The videos have tips and pointers on how and why each program is implemented in the velocity development program. The videos will go over core work, jumps and explosiveness, and a way to help build/test arm strength.

The drop down tabs under Velocity at the top of the page will have the information and workouts needed for each day. Remember, this is a program designed for 3 months/90 days. You can always e-mail with any questions.